Central solar heating (CSPH) really make a impact on discrict heating in Denmark

The engineer newspaper Ingeniøren presents in week 43 a two pages survej on large-scale solar haeting for district heating in Denmark. At the end of this year, 2015, there will be installed 915.000 m2 solar collector arrays. With an average of 500 kWh pr m2 this is a minimal production of 460 MWh pr. year in Denmark.759.000 m2 are in planing at this moment.

The largest 100 plants are listed and more relevant, you find a link to a interactive list with details on the plants, to be found on http://ing.dk/179651.

Unfortunatelly the above solution is in Danish: Here the most important translations:

By (Town): Mou Kraftvarme
Adresse: Ny Høstemarkvej 28 C, 9280 Storvorde
Årstal (Year): 2013
Opført solfangerareal,m2 (area of errected solar collectors in m2): 4.737
Planlagt solfangerareal, m2 (area of planned solar collectors in m2):
TOTAL solfangerareal, m2 (total collector area in m2): 4.737,00
Kapacitet, total [MWth] (Capacity in total in MWth): 3,3

Also interesting is Flemming Ulbjerg, the very experienced consultant from Ramboll, that he designs the standardized plant by going for 20% of the production with a mininal thermal storage capacity. This seems to be the most economic optimal size for such systems, whereas large-scale storage can increase the solar part to 45-50%.


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