Large Scale Thermal Storage inspire the overall energy balancing

The large-scale solar heating plant in Braendestrup, Denmark, with a collector area of 8,000 m2 is enlarged to between 16,000 and 18,000 m2.

The plant will also get a seasonal storage, designed as a bore hole storage with 100 holes of 25 meters depth. The storage will also be utilized for storing overflow of wind power by applying a heat pump to transform the electrical power into heat. This is certainly not exergetically sound, but the alternative would be to stop the wind mills.

The renewable fraction will be 50% and the investment will be in the order of 3 mill. Euros. The plant will be designed by the German consultant company Solites, the Danish consultant company PlanEnergi and others. The project is supported by Energy Net Denmark.

Original article by Ingeniøren in Danish.


6 Responses to Large Scale Thermal Storage inspire the overall energy balancing

  1. Colin Webb says:

    Using boreholes are a unique way of obtaining geothermal heating from water – a great alternative to wind turbines.

    • Dear Colin – It is all these energy production and resource saving technologies that ought to be applied in combination. Hence wind turbines are doing their jobs, solar is doing it’s own one. There are others…

  2. SolarHotUSA says:

    Thats a nice thing you got going there. Solay Energy systems are evolving very well and taking the experiment forward are system installations like yours. Very Commendable.

  3. solarhotusa says:


    it’s a nice blog. i want to know that where we can store the energy produced by wind and sun?

  4. Glen McIver says:

    This is a greater idea, yet so simple. Energy storage is always great concern with alternative energy sources.

    Are there plans for developing smaller scale units for individual buildings?

    • Yes, there are activities for small single family house storage. I am not an expert in this field.
      Within the IEA there are cooperation on chemical storage, building integrated storage and certainly water storage of different designs. In Germany there was once developed an idea that is very similar to the gravel storage variant known for central solar heating. This shows that the technologies from large-scale do size down to smaller installations. The heat loss and economical parameters are, however, much poorer, conditions that did not stop the application of solar heating for small size installations.

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