Article on CSHP at Marstal

After a mail correspondence, John Perlin, did a great job on presenting the solar plant at Marstal. You may find the blog entry at – Thank you John.


3 Responses to Article on CSHP at Marstal

  1. George says:

    Solar is a great option but I dont think it will ever compare to geothermal.

  2. Dear George

    There is no competition between renewables. At this time, we produce approx. 0.5% of the world energy consumption by renewables, mostly water and wind. Hence there is plenty of room for all renewables. Due to the fluctuation of the different energy sources, a mix will be most realistic.

    Thanks for your interest, Alfred

  3. We need to have more activity in Renewable Energy Resources not just in Reno NV but all over North America.

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