A new huge CSHP in Gram, Denmark

Gram Central Solar Heating

Gram Central Solar Heating

A new plant at Gram, Denmark, is to take the lead as the largest of it’s type. Based on all the experiences from the many installations, the first step of the Gram-plant is errected in marts-april 2009 (see picture – more pictures are presented in a Gallery).

The plant is described as follows:

Gram District Heating is expected to supply 17 procent the towns demand in district heating, which is approx. the total demand of 190 single family houses.

In a first fase, 802 solfangere from Arcon Solvarme are mounted in spring 2009. They produce approx. 7 MW yearly results in 4800 MWh and solar fraction of 117%. This leads to a CO2 emission reduction by 1,110 ton.

The expected life time for the installation is estimated to 25, whereas the oldest plant is still running at Saltum since 21 yeras.

The investement of 18 mio. Danish Kroner is expected to bring a pay back time of 7-9 years.


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