Behind the Danish homepage, the consultant company PlanEnergi does present a large number of solar heating systems, large as small. The site is very beautiful and ought to get attention by the readers of this blog. Thanks to Jan Erik Nielsen from PlanEnergi Sealand. PS: Why do you not show actively, who’s behind this nice site?


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  1. From : Dr. Walid Amin RUWAYHA / Owner – Ruwayha TOURISM VILLAGE
    E-mail : / Website :
    Google Map :
    Tel. : 00-33 -(0)1-47 27 30 67
    Mr. Giselher SCHLEBUSCH / Consultant : Over thirty years, member of Board (AHK) French-German Chamber of Commerce in Paris / E-mail :
    Tel. : 00-33-(0)1- 45 75 51 51

    Object : Wir streben ein Partenariat in Form von joint-venture und/oder B.O.T. mit Firmen an, die über den Libanon hinaus auch in andere arabische Märkte eindringen möchten.

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    Information über die Errichtung einer
    Modellstation für erneurbare Energien im Libanon

    In Zusammenarbeit zwischen Dr. Walid Amin Ruwayha, Präsident von ’Ruwayha Tourism Village’, und Giselher Schlebusch, 30 Jahre lang in der in der Geschäftsführung der Deutsch-Französichen Industrie-und Handelskammer tätig, gehört zu den Mitbegründern und Präsidenten des ‘Deutsch-Französischen Afrika-AsienKommittees.’

    Deutschen Firmen, die im Bereich der erneubaren Energien tätig sind, soll auf dem Gelände von ‘RTV’ die Möglichkeit gegeben werden, dauerhaft ihre Produkte und ihr know-how vorzustellen. Wir streben ein Partenariat in Form von joint-venture und/oder B.O.T. mit Firmen an, die über den Libanon hinaus auch in andere arabische Märkte eindringen möchten.

    Die politischen Ereignisse im Libanon festigen unsure Überzeugung, dass das Land auf dem richtigen Weg ist, seine frühere hervorragende Stellung im Nahen Osten wiederzuerlangen.

    Noch für disen Sommer ist eine Studienreise zu ‘RTV’ geplant.



    Ruwayha TOURISM VILLAGE (RTV) is a, privately owned (RUWAYHA family), multi-million U.S.D project located in the heart of Al-Matin mountains, known as Valley LAMARTINE, at a distance of (23) Km from Beirut, with easy access from all direction and extensive parking space.

    RTV extends over (72.000) square meters of land. It is divide into two parcels : (1) The “Upper Parcel” (37 000) square meters, and (2) The “Lower Parcel” (35 000) square meters.

    RTV with seven years of working experience, represents an investment, until now, of over TWENTY MILLION (20 000 000) U.S.D. The final, total investment, will exceed TWO HUNDRED (200 000 000) U.S.D.

    The recent rebirth of Lebanon testifies and imposes a recognition as being an international hub for trade, finance, investment, services and tourism. Free enterprise and private initiative are the drivers of the Lebanese economy, based on a long tradition of liberal investment policies. Trading facilities, banking and financial services make Lebanon the commercial center of the region.

    At the center of the Eastern Mediterranean, Lebanon is uniquely situated at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe. It’s free-market investment policies, liberal economic environment and active entrepreneurial private section distinguish it from any other country in the region.

    Ruwayha TOURISM VILLAGE accent-projects are :

    I. EURO-MEDITERRANEAN-COMMERCIAL-CULTURAL & MUSICAL EXHIBITION (EM-CUM) which will be held each summer (August 10th – 25th ).

    EM-CUM is designed to be the ideal promoting-platform for local and foreign companies and/or governments doing business in the Middle East and seeking a SUMMER OUT-DOOR business exposure to exclusive and sophisticated regional, especially Gulf countries, buyers and/or decision makers.

    European economic presence in Lebanon is unjustified & is not in conformity and harmony in comparison with the scale of Europe’s international political & economic strength and presence.

    We aim to establish contact with international foreign organizations, chambers of commerce, companies, etc …, in order to encourage them to do business and to open branches and/or factories in Lebanon. We consider that Lebanon is Europe’s pedestal and gateway to Africa & the Middle East.

    II. INSTITUT SOURCE DE JOUVENCE : To be the ONLY of its kind in the Middle East aiming to serving the Middle-Eastern & foreign )populations.

    « Il s’agit d’un centre qui prend en charge la rééducation des patients dans 4 types de pathologies principales : Cardiaque et vascular / Respiratoire / Métabolique et Obésité / Rééducation fonctionnelle / & Les Résidences de retraite Privées avec Services.« 

    III. LEBANESE DIASPORA SUMMER-CAMPING : Concept through which Lebanese expatriate families living in Europe, when coming to Lebanon, will help improve Euro-Lebanese business and cultural relations.

    IV. AL-JABAL MUSIC & SONG FESTIVAL : Similar to Baalbek & Biet El-Dine Festivals and under the direction of my good friend and our famous Lebanese artist, Mr. Gassan AL-RAHBANI, with whom RTV has concluded an agreement.

    AL-JABAL MUSIC & SONG FESTIVAL will be part of the total Exhibition package. Different Artists, Orchestras & Singers will bring an added value and blend to our Exhibition.

    V. RENEWABLE ENERGIES PERMANENT EXHIBITION (REPE) : We believe that Renewable Energies are much more than wind energy or photovoltaic parks injecting electricity in the grid. Domestic economy must also get a profit of its use.

    We are interested in joint-ventures and/or BOT agreements with qualified and established manufacturers in the field of renewable energies aiming to create, with us, a permanent large-scale exhibition and manufacture showcase for the Middle East.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, I remain,

    Best regards,

    Dr. Walid Ruwayha

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