Renewable combination power plant

The Kassel University in Germany did a study on combining renewable energy sources for 100% power supply. The homepage is to be found at The week point in the scenario is the lack of heat production that is strongly interact with the power production, also for a renewable power plant. I would recommend that the University in Kassel, utilized their own expertise from Prof. Klaus Vajen, an expert in solar heating, also large-scale.

The point of the study is, that it can be shown that the whole of Germany can be supplied with renewable energy. A simple statement, that lead me to the below memory:

Just to mention, similar scenario where made in the 80’th for the Nordic countries by among others the Technical University of Denmark, Niels I. Meyer.


One Response to Renewable combination power plant

  1. Solar Mary says:

    Excellent find! Thanks for the information on the study. I’m always looking for others who are interested in using solar and other renewable energy sources for 100% of their power supply. Let’s hope they pull the Professor’s knowledge into the study so they can get it working correctly.

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