Ærø the World Champion Island of Central Solar Heating

At the island of Ærø (Aeroe), Denmark, you can find three of the largest solar heating plants, connected to district heating in Europa. Hereby the island is certainly world champion in this disciplin.

You find the first plant in Ærøskøbing ( Aeroeskoebing) that combines a biomass plant with a solar heating field, using a water tank storage for buffering.

The second and largest plant is placed in Marstal and was the plant that was applied as a case study for my Ph.D. work. The plant is very larg, consisting of a number of different collector fields and three long-term heat storage. The plant is found at www.solarmarstal.dk .

A third and newest plan, not as large as the others is placed in Store Rise, combining a biomass plant with solar heating.


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